Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

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Outpatient regenerative treatment
(stem cell treatment)

Effective treatments for people suffering any of the following afflictions:
  • Knee or
    joint pain
  • Deformations
    Knee arthrosis
  • Athletic
  • Cirrhosis of
    the liver

Treatment that uses the body’s own cells to eliminate pain or repair tissue damage


Clinic treatment

1Treatment that uses stem cells to alleviate pain and repair organs and cartilage

Stem cells can activate weakened cells and transform into a variety of different cells to help repair tissues and organs.

2A highly safe form of treatment using the body’s own stem cells

A highly safe form of treatment using the body’s own stem cells

3One-day treatment is possible without the need for surgery. No scarring.

All treatments are one-day, meaning no unnecessary hospital stays.
Our clinic’s stem cell treatment involves cultivating stem cells taken from around 2-3 millimeters of fat tissue and injecting these stem cells into the affected area. This results in less stress on the body, and the appropriate amount of stem cells reaching the affected region.
Cultivation takes approximately three weeks, but in the case of time constraints, American-style treatment, in which the required amount of cells is taken directly from the body and then transplanted, is also available.

4Providing treatment in partnership with an American stem cell treatment center

Our partnership with Dr. Mark Berman, a long-term stem cell specialist in the USA

Dr. Mark Berman is a graduate of UCLA and Chicago Medical School.
In 2010, he successfully transplanted fat-derived stem cells during cosmetic surgical procedures.
He then founded the California Stem Cell Treatment Center to conduct further research into the safety and potential of stem cell transplants.
In 2012, to further expand regenerative treatment techniques, he developed stem cell transplant methods and analyzed accumulated data of treated patients as part of the world’s largest regenerative medical treatment institute, disclosing that data to patients. As collaborative physicians, we share examination data results and strive toward optimized medical treatment.

Effective regenerative medical treatment (stem cell therapy) for ailments

Knee and joint pain, arthrosis and deformities

Stem cell therapy is an effective treatment for knee joint pain felt when walking or standing. According to a survey of 2000 of our patients who received treatment, more than 80% reported a reduction in pain.
It’s a recommended form of treatment for those wishing to avoid artificial joint replacement surgery, and can be administered without the need for surgery or an overnight hospital stay.

Sports-related joint pain

Stem cell therapy can be used in the treatment of knee and joint inflammation.
It has little impact on the body overall, and because treatment can be administered in a day, it’s an attractive option for athletes suffering joint pain.
Stem cell therapy is already a popular form of treatment for many athletes overseas.

Liver function damage (application pending)

Stem cell therapy can assist in controlling inflammatory reactions and liver damage in patients with liver function damage.
Stem cells are injected into the bloodstream, helping to suppress inflammation in the liver and possibly restoring liver functionality.


  • Q.Will my pain disappear soon after treatment?
    Generally, it will take approximately two to four weeks for results to appear. Many patients notice results with daily light exercise following injections, as well as rehabilitation exercises alongside a doctor.
  • Q.Does it give results for joints other than knees?
    Results can be achieved in other joints. Positive effects have been demonstrated in shoulder and elbow joints as well. Treatment can give relief for not only inflammation brought on by aging, but sports-related and traumatic inflammation.
  • Q.How long does treatment last?
    It takes approximately 30 minutes to extract fat cells, while injections following cultivation take around 10 minutes.
  • Q.Are there any side effects?
    Side effects should be minimal due to utilizing the body’s own cells, but a small number of people can experience fever.
  • Q.Will I need stitches?
    Stitches are not required. The cut mades to extract fat cells is very small, so special tape is used to close the cut.

Regarding costs

Individualized counselling with a doctor 8000 yen (exc. tax)

Treatment flow

1 Enquiries
Contact us via our website or by phone to arrange your free first-time counselling.
Inquiries from the telephone
(Please contact us outside of clinic hours if you have time constraints)
2 Counselling and medical consultations with a doctor
We begin by discussing any symptoms and concerns you might have. Please feel free to consult on any matter. We would also like to examine the patient’s condition during counselling.
3 Extracting, engineering, and administering cells
Cells are extracted from a blood sample. Hospitalization is not required post-treatment, and you are free to go home immediately after. The extracted cells are kept in a culture facility for 2-3 weeks, then administered into the body by injection or intravenous drip.
4 Rehabilitation
After cells have been administered, rehabilitation can commence alongside follow-up examinations.

For those who are considering regenerative treatment (stem cell treatment)

Those suffering from knee and joint pain or liver function damage should consider regenerative medical treatment as an option
80% of knee joint pain is said to be the result of worn cartilage. Hyaluronic acid injections to relieve pain or artificial joint replacement surgery have been two forms of available treatment until now. However, many patients have doubts about joint replacement surgery, and do their best to avoid it at all costs. The stem cell-based regenerative medical treatments our clinic offers are an alternative we encourage patients to try before considering surgery. After seeing successful results in the USA, we partnered with American physicians to provide stem cell treatment to people in Japan suffering painful joint problems. A survey of patients who underwent treatment for not only knee joint, but also shoulder and back pain, found that over 80% experienced relief from pain as a result. Stem cell treatment is also an effective method of pain relief not only from worn cartilage due to aging, but also for athletes who overwork their joints, causing inflammation.
Clinical trials have also demonstrated the effectiveness of stem cell treatment in inhibiting inflammation of the liver.
If you suffer from any of the aforementioned ailments, do not hesitate to contact our clinic for a consultation.

Personal history

  • 1980Graduated Nagoya University; School of Medicine
  • 1984
    New York Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; contributed to new genetic discoveries through immunological research
  • 2001 - 15Employed at Aichi Sannomaru and Daido Hospitals
  • 2016Chairman of Egaokai
  • 2017Chairman of NexWel Advanced Medical Center


Japanese Society of Internal Medicine; general practitioner
Japanese Society of Hematology; certified medical instructor/specialist
Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy; certified physician

About NexWel Clinic

Individualized treatment based on each patient’s personal needs
("tailor made" treatment)
  • What is individualized treatment?

    What constitutes ‘joint pain’ varies from patient to patient; as such, a patient’s lifestyle and the type of treatment they have had or are currently receiving will require various forms of treatment.
    With that in mind, our doctors talk with their patients, assess their condition, and offer the best form of treatment based on medical expertise and individual needs. We provide treatment that is ‘tailor made’ to suit you perfectly.
Comprehensive support
during treatment
  • Patients suffering from joint pain face many obstacles in their everyday lives.
    We provide support to help overcome some of those hurdles. Also, as pain will not cease immediately but gradually over the course of treatment, we also offer ways to aid in alleviating pain throughout the treatment period.
Stem cell cultivation techniques and safety
  • Approval for Specific Cell Manufacturing,
    Facility Number: FA3150006

    Pirm CorporationStem Cell Culture Center
  • An extremely high level of quality and safety control is vital to the processing and cultivation of live cells outside the body.
    Cell cultivation systems vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics cultivate cells within their own facilities, but NexWel works in conjunction with nationally-accredited Pirm Corporation to manage cells and cultivate stem cells in consideration of safety.
Delivering world-class, cutting-edge medical techniques
  • NexWel has partnered with the Cell Surgical Network of America to provide the latest in regenerative treatments. We offer the safest and most effective treatment based on medical data.
    We hope to provide an even broader range of treatment options for our patients by employing the most trusted treatment methods available.

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