Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

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The NexWel Concept

‘Helping people heal’ We provide each individual
with their own ‘lifetime doctor’,
offering tailored medical care
to enrich patients’ daily lives

Imagine the benefits of being able to consult with your doctor about anything, anytime, like a member of your family. NexWel is a new medical institution that offers just that, as well as services ranging from cutting-edge medical treatment to general healthcare. Our concept ‘helping people heal’ stems from our desire to not only treat illnesses, but offer respite to people with health issues and help already healthy people enjoy even more comfortable and healthier lifestyles.

At NexWel, not only do we provide advice on preventative treatment and techniques for maintaining health, we also consult with every patient to decide on treatment they are comfortable with by offering tailor-made options - from health insurance services to the latest cutting-edge medical care - based on the most current information and clinical studies.

NexWel doctors are your lifetime doctors, supporting you day by day. Enjoy peace of mind with our doctors by your side for life.

Cutting-edge treatment on offer at NexWel

Japanese healthcare remains largely focused on providing health insurance treatment reliant on dispensing medicine. But healthcare is advancing, with the use of iPS and stem cell therapies expanding globally. It is clear that using the body’s own cells to treat diseases is becoming the norm in modern medical practice.

Japan is yet to embrace a more general style of medical practice, but we at NexWel believe it our mission to inform patients that this style is already available as a new option for medical treatment. Standardized medicine, where treatment with anticipated outcomes is offered to everyone, has also been the norm until recently, but we believe that a far more individualized approach to treatment is necessary, where each patient is given treatment according to their varied circumstances. As such, we provide individualized treatment based on trusted results of medical studies and clinical trials.

The Cell Surgical Network investigates the use of autologous adipose derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF, which contains pre-adipocytes, peri-vascular, and hematopoietic stem cells). This work is conducted under IRB approved protocols throughout our affiliate centers around the world. Patient data is collected and follow ups conducted every 3 months to determine efficacy of the cell surgical procedure. This data was collected by CSN affiliates between 2013 and 2017.

Knees Knees

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CSN Registry rind Data Collection

The Cell Surgical Network collects all of its patients' data in a HIPPA compliant online database. This allows us to study the safety and efficacy of every procedure. The database follows up with patients the first month after their cell surgery and every 3 months after for up to 5 years.

Patient Population Brief Overview Patient Population Brief Overview

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What is ‘next-generation healthcare’?
What is ‘next-generation healthcare’?

Until now, healthcare has focused on treating illness, but there is a trend toward preventative-style healthcare that maintains already good health. Many healthcare methods have attracted much public attention until now, but actual results were unverified. This is because testing such methods required large-scale clinical trials, making verification difficult.

However, thanks to the rise of the Internet, it has now become easier to conduct wide-ranging studies that involve 100,000 subjects or even more.
This makes it possible to obtain verifiable results, thus offer the correct form of medical treatment.

As such, we hope not only to treat illnesses, but to give healthy individuals a chance to lead even healthier lives by offering preventative healthcare.

The relationship between consumption of cruciferous vegetables and risk of death from general causes or specific diseases
The relationship between consumption of cruciferous vegetables and risk of death from general causes or specific diseases
The relationship between consumption of cruciferous vegetables and risk of death from general causes or specific diseases
Age, location, BMI, smoker/non-smoker, alcohol consumption, physical activity, history of high blood pressure, history of diabetes, coffee consumption, green tea (sencha) consumption, energy intake, sodium intake, cruciferous vegetable consumption, fruit consumption, employment, colon examination/consultation history (adjusted).
Source: National Cancer Center Hospital’s JPHC Study, 2018
At NexWel, our mission is to help our patients meet each day with a smile,
by providing individualized healthcare treatment based
on the latest trusted results of clinical trials and studies.

‘Helping people heal’ through healthcare

With this motto in mind, we at NexWel always strive to offer individuals tailor-made healthcare based on trusted results.