Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

Providing next-generation healthcare with world-class advanced treatments

【先端医療】NexWelクリニック大名古屋ビル NexWelClinic


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LifeTime Doctor

Your own 'lifetime doctor',
providing individualized, cutting-edge treatment and advice

NexWel Lifetime Doctor

NexWel doctors will always be your own personal physician for life.
Let us help you decide the best medical treatment to suit your individual needs, from health insurance services to advanced medical care. Enjoy peace of mind with our doctors by your side for life.

Top-class advanced treatment options

with support from
your lifetime doctor

NexWel’s treatment categories

  • Cutting-edge cell therapy

    Cancer cell treatment

    We provide individualized consultations on immunotherapy treatment to tailor dosage and formulation to suit your needs, as one option for cancer treatment.

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    Stem cell therapy center

    We provide cutting-edge regenerative treatment using stem cells, ideal for patients with knee, liver, and brain infarctions.

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  • Wellness outpatient service

    Second opinion advanced treatment

    We offer individualized consultations regarding any treatment (including advanced treatment) provided or diagnoses received at other medical institutions.

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    Outpatient health improvement

    We provide customized, medically-precise advice regarding any health-related aspects for both healthy individuals and those with health concerns.

    Wellness outpatient service

  • Cutting-edge dermatological clinic

    Periodic I.V. therapy

    We provide glutathione infusions with highly concentrated vitamin C as an internal dermatological treatment, using a formula blended at our clinic.

    Lifestyle improvement

    We offer treatment for conditions such as atopy and allergies based on making improvements in overall lifestyle and intestinal bacterial health.

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  • Intestinal bacterial flora
    restructuring therapy

    Outpatient intestinal bacterial flora

    We conduct intestinal bacterial flora examinations to locate the cause of discomfort and provide treatment.

    Intestinal bacterial flora transplants

    We provide intestinal bacterial flora implants as treatment for conditions or illnesses resulting from a breakdown in gut bacteria diversity.

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    Intestinal bacterial flora restructuring therapy


9F, Dai Nagoya Building
3-28-12 Meieki
Nakamura ward, Nagoya, Aichi
Consultations: Tues/Wed/Fri 13:00 - 17:00
Thur 13:00 - 20:00
Consultation appointments can also be scheduled outside of clinic hours. Please contact us with your request.

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For those considering NexWel Clinic

At NexWel Dermatology Clinic in the Dai Nagoya Building, we believe in providing each individual with the best healthcare and treatment over the course of their life, which is why we offer individualized treatment consultations. You are responsible for the form of treatment you wish to receive in times of illness. Immunotherapy (natural killer [NK] cell immunotherapy, often used in stage 4 cancer treatment), regenerative treatments such as stem cell therapy, and intestinal bacterial flora transplants as an effective treatment for allergies are just some of the leading-edge treatments we provide. We also offer high concentration vitamin C and glutathione periodic I.V. therapy as a treatment for maintaining health.
We understand that while expectations may be high when receiving cutting-edge treatment, some people may be apprehensive about such new treatments. Our doctors are prepared to explain our treatments thoroughly to allay any concerns, no matter how big or small, to provide peace of mind and help you make the right choice.